Youth Transition Toolkit Lesson Plans

This section includes a series of documents and information which teachers or agency staff can use to implement activities in the classroom or during youth workshops organized by agencies (including Independent Living Centers, Family Empowerment Centers, etc.).  These activities are designed to help youth begin thinking about a variety of topics covered by the Youth Transition Toolkit (including Education, Independent Living, Employment, Finances, Healthcare, and Social/Recreation). 

Lesson Plan Overview

The Lesson Plan Overview provides a comprehensive summary of the purpose and structure of each lesson plan.  This is a good place to start for instructions on how to utilize the lesson plans with the youth you work with.  Frequently asked questions are also included.

Lesson plans and corresponding materials on each topic area are found in the navigation bar on the right side of this webpage.  

Workshop Planning Tips

If you are not part of a school district, Workshop Planning Tips can help guide agency or organization staff on how to effectively plan and organize workshops for youth with disabilities in your local community.  This document provides advice and best practices for recruitment of youth participants, facilitating transportation, providing accommodations, keeping youth engaged, creating a youth friendly environment, and more!

Evaluation Materials

Since all of these documents are still under development, we would love to hear both facilitators' and youth participants' feedback on the Youth Transition Toolkit website and worksheets, workshop planning tips, lesson plans and/or activities. This will help us to make revisions and continually improve our products.

  • The Youth Evaluation Form should be filled out by the youth or students who participated in the activities.  Please customize the form by deleting the rating information for activities you did not conduct. 


General Resources/Additional Curricula

Additional Curricula on Transition

Green Dot Public Schools/SW SELPA Activities on Career Interest Assessments and Post-secondary goals

For additional activities related to transition planning, career interest assessments and post-secondary goals from Green Dot Public Schools/SW SELPA, go to and see:
September Transition Lessons for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades

Green Dot Public Schools/SW SELPA “Transition Assessment Material and Rating scales to track Transition progress”

For a list of Transition Assessments and Rating scales from Green Dot Public Schools/SW SELPA on a number of topics ranging from Independent Living, Employment, Self-Advocacy and Community Resources, go to and click on the hyperlinks under May Transition Materials