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Top 10 Things To Consider Before Heading Off To College

  1. Remember: Transition is a unique experience for everyone
  2. Try Google - "Most accessible college/university" - a great list pops up!
  3. Consider your physical/mobility needs: How is access on campus?
  4. Accessible public transportation? Be sure to identify your own needs; it’s tough to go to an "inaccessible" college!
  5. Spend time on the campus of your top school[s] and check out the "vibe" to see how comfortable you will feel if you decide to go there.
  6. As a student with a disability or health care issue, how far from home-base do you wish to go? Consider your comfort level with being far away from your family, support team, etc.
  7. Be sure to visit disability services and student health services on campus - tour and interview staff to see about ease, accommodations, pro-student services, etc.
  8. Start the conversation of self-needs/disability disclosure & one's own ability to identify and ask for help when needed.
  9. Identify schools of interest and go tour/interview the campus and staff before ever applying. You want to be on a campus where there are people who view you as successful - someone with potential.
  10. Find out how willing student health services staff on campus are to be part of your medical team?
  11. Start early to get yourself into a regular routine
    • Communication with your family and support team [daily text/phone/emails]
    • Activities [study hall, student support group]
    • Shopping for supplies [pick a particular shopping day for standardized shopping list]


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