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If you do not have the ability to drive, you have many options! If you are seeking to be more independent, you can use public transportation (buses, light rail etc.).  There are agencies such as Department of Rehabilitation, and the Regional Centers that can provide you with a public transportation pass and training on how to use the public transportation system. Also, most counties have companies which provide door-to-door transportation services for people with disabilities. Sometimes called Paratransit, these services can be found by contacting your local Department of Transportation.  Once you begin to use these services you will find that getting around on your own is a huge step in becoming more independent!


Transportation Resources:

Federal Transit Administration:  

United States Department of Justice: (useful when filing a transportation complaint):  

Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund:  

Paratransit Eligibility:  

DBTAC: Pacific ADA Center:

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